About Us // History of the Naval War College

    The preparation work for establishing a Naval War College were conducted by Ateş Ahmet Pasha, on the command, upon the decree of Sultan Abdulaziz to establish a class under the name of “Staff Officer” in the Ottoman Navy in 1863. The code of practice prepared for the staff officers entered into force on 15 February 1864. “Erkan-ı Harbiye-i Bahriye Mektebi” (Naval Staff Officer College) was established and started its activities in Divanhane within the Haskoy shipyard building on 16 February 1864.

    On the request of Marshal Fevzi ÇAKMAK to re-open Naval War College, which was closed in 1921, ATATÜRK ordered the re-opening of Naval War College and the preparation for the establishment of Naval War College.

    Naval War College provided education in Hasköy/İstanbul between 1864 and 1921; in Yıldız Palace/İstanbul between 1930 and 1941; in Ankara between years of 1941 and 1946; then again in Yıldız Palace/İstanbul between 1946 and 1975; in YeniLevent/İstanbul between 197 and 2006. The Naval War College was temporary moved to the building of Armed Forces War Colleges for a period of two years between 2006 and 2008 due to earthquake damage to its building. The restoration of its building was completed on 6 October 2008.

    Within the scope of the restructuring of the Turkish military education system, the Turkish War Colleges Command was abrogated and Turkish National Defence University (TNDU) was established with the Decree Law numbered 669 and dated 31 July 2016. According to this regulation, which was then enacted by the Law Numbered 6756 and dated 9 November 2016, Service War Colleges were established in place of the former War Colleges. Cabinet

    Decree numbered 2016/9522 and dated 14 November 2016 established the academic units of the Turkish National Defence University (TNDU) and Army/Naval/Air War Colleges started their activities as subordinates to the TNDU.

    With their renewed personnel and organizational structure within the TNDU organization, Army/Naval/Air War Colleges continues their education activities in Yenilevent/İSTANBUL campus of the university.