Millî Savunma Üniversitesi Araştırma Formu


Request form for Research

1.  Researchers who are graduate students in institutions other than the Turkish National Defence University (TNDU) shall fill out the form below to use the TNDU Libraries.

2.  The Researcher applies to TNDU libraries by filling out the form below regarding their research subject.

3.  The result of the application is notified to the Researcher via e-mail.

4.  The Researcher who gets the permission to use the Library shall apply to the Library with a passport photo.

5.  The permission for research is valid for 2 (two) months. The Researcher used the publications in line with the library rules.

Name and Surname :


Identification Number :


Date of Birth : (Ex: 01/01/1977)


Father Name :


Mother Name :


Education Status :


Occupation :


Institution/Organization and Duty:


Permanent Address :


Phone Number (Work, Home, Mobile) (Ex: 555 555 55 55) :


E-mail :


Institution(s) affiliated or researched on behalf of :


The Subject of Research to be Conducted :


Date and Subject of the Previous Research in the TNDU Libraries, if any :

Upload “Criminal Registry/Archive Record” received via e-government.
Upload “Census Registration Sample” received via e-government.

Select the TNDU Library you want to use:

  Central Library (İstanbul)
  Military Academy (Ankara)
  Naval Academy (İstanbul)
  Air Force Academy (İstanbul)
  Army NCO Vocational HE School (Balıkesir)
  Band NCO Vocational HE School (Ankara)
Researcher confirms that
  • They are responsible for the accuracy of the information which they have provided in the form.
  • They will comply with the library rules.
  • They are responsible for the use of data.
  I have read and accepted the conditions above.