About Us /// History of Joint War College


    The College was founded under the name of the “Joint War College”, under the Turkish War Colleges Command on 14 July 1954 and started its educational activities at Yıldız Palace on 14 October 1954. The College name was changed to “Supreme Command College” on 25 June 1956 and then renamed as “Armed Forces College” on 7 August 1964.

    Staff officers with the ranks from Major to Colonel who were elected by their Force Command in accordance with the quotas of the Turkish General Staff received education in the College. By the order of Turkish General Staff, staff officers who had not received this education completed the education in the Armed Forces Colleges in two periods of five months as of 1969.

    Armed Forces College was disestablished in 1971. However, it was reopened on 15 October 1976 upon the deemed needs. Armed Forces College moved from Yıldız to its new facilities in Yenilevent on 8 and 9 January 1977.

    By the order of the Turkish General Staff on 20 August 1980, the Armed Forces College and National Security College were united and names as “National Security and Armed Forces College” under the Turkish War Colleges Command.

    The National Security College was separated from the Armed Forces College and moved to Ankara in 1995, continuing its activities within the building of General Secretariat of the National Security Council in Ankara as of 27 February 1995.

    The Armed Forces College moved to the Atatürk Wargaming and Cultural Centre temporarily due to the structural problems occurred in its building, which had been in use since 1977.

    The “National Security College Command” was disestablished and the name of “Armed Forces College” was changed as “Armed Forces Higher Command and Management College” by the amendment made to the Turkish War Colleges Law Numbered 3563 and published in the Official Gazette Numbered 28339 and dated 30 June 2012.

    At the end of a process structured by historical developments and experiences, Armed Forces Higher Command and Management College under the Turkish War Colleges Command College, which was directly subordinate to the Turkish General Staff, continued its activities until 31 July 2016.

    The Turkish National Defence University was established by the Decree Law numbered 669 and dated 31 July 2016 with the title of “Taking Precautions within the State of Emergency and Foundation of National Defence University and some other Amendments”. With the same Decree Law, the Law on War Colleges was repealed.

    Cabinet Decree numbered 2016/9522 and dated 14 November 2016 established the academic units of the Turkish National Defence University (TNDU) and “Joint War College” was established instead of “Armed Forces Higher Command and Management College”.

    The new personnel list was approved on 13 June 2017. Joint War College continues its activities in the building of Atatürk Wargaming and Cultural Centre within the Yenilevent/İSTANBUL campus of the TNDU as one of the five war colleges within the TNDU.