The Responsibilities of the Chair are


    • to determine whether the goods delivered to the administration or the work performed by the contractor are in compliance with the requirements of the inspection in the tender document and contract,
    • to prioritize the inspection of the materials (perishable materials) by taking into account the properties of the materials,
    • to keep and archive documents of transactions of previous years and to present them for inspection,
    • to execute of duties regarding objection, status, control, and other kinds of inspections when required by the higher authorities,
    • to perform all the necessary checks specified to be done in the tender document and contract,
    • to carry out the inspection and receiving activities in accordance with regulations on Purchasing Goods Control, Inspection, and Receiving Process, tender documents and contracts,
    • to check the accuracy of the information (name and type of the good, contractor, place of inspection, contract/tender record/decision date and number) by comparing the information in the Inspection Report and Commission Decision with the information in the tender document and contract; and to ensure that any mismatch is to be corrected by rebating the Inspection Report back to its original institution,
    • to control the procedures of deletion of records to be performed accordingly, to keep archives for inspection and documents for materials to be delated,
    • to make sure that the inspection procedures are fully completed by coordinating with other units preparing explorations, specifications, purchasing files and approval documents, and
    • to carry out of the progress inspections and to check the documents thoroughly.