Responsibilities of the Department


       The Department of Student Affairs is responsible for conducting the following affairs within Turkish National Defence University (TNDU) Military Academies, NCO Vocational HE Schools, War Colleges and Institutes:

    • Recruitment process,
    • Formal education and training process,
    • Graduation, and
    • Processes covering the post-graduation activities carried out under the authority of the Personnel Recruitment Directorate of the Ministry of Defence and of the relevant institutions’ boards of higher education for cadets, trainees, civilian students, and course attendees, such as:
      • planning for education and training,
      • coordination with the Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Naval Forces, the Turkish Air Forces and other institutions regarding the training and other student affairs,
      • carrying out education and training activities,
      • testing and evaluation, ranking, and keeping statistics,
      • monitoring, controlling and coordinating processes regarding information requests, formal documents, transcripts, diploma procedures, achieve and security investigation procedures.