Intranet / Internet Hall

    • In the Central Library, three computers connected to the Intranet of the TNDU and nine computers connected to the Internet are available for the students, lecturers, and personnel of the TNDU to meet their research needs.
    • In this hall, the users can use
      • the “Electronic Library” consisting of the institutional database, which provides digital access to the books, periodicals, lecture notes, and conference and symposium papers published by the TNDU via intranet and internet.
      • the “Catalogue Search” enabling them to search within the publications in the TNDU libraries’ collections and to reach the information on their borrowed materials.
      • and also “Databases” provided by EKUAL, databases provided by annual subscriptions, and e-books purchases by the TNDU. These databases and e-books are only available via the TNDU internet site.