Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Central Printing House

    The Central Printing House was established as the “Printing House” supporting the education activities within the Turkish War Colleges Command at the beginning of 1990s. It continues its activities as “Printing House” in the Yenilevent Campus since 1975.

    With the establishment of Turkish National Defence University in 2016, Military Academies, NCO Vocational HE Schools, Colleges and Institutes, which were within the structure of the Turkish Armed Forces, were gathered under the umbrella of newly established Turkish National Defence University. Within this context, the Printing House has been renamed as “Central Printing House” under the Department of Library and Documentation.

    As of 2017, the Central Printing House has gained a more academic structure and become a more modern, fast and functional printing house, which can meet all the needs of the University, by receiving “Publishing House” certificate. Publishing Houses in Turkish Military Academy, Naval Military Academy and Air Force Academy are affiliated to the Central Printing and Publishing House.

    Central Printing and Publishing House carries out the printing books, journals, brochures, lecture notes and other materials requested by the Rectorate of the Turkish National Defence and its military academies, vocational HE schools, colleges, and institutes.

    Typesetting And Letterpress Printing

    As a method used in the birth of today’s modern printing technologies, typesetting is the process of lining up each letter side by side and forming words and sentences through this line-up in order to create pages. Then these pages are printed by hands or machines using the letterpress printing technique.


    Letterpress Printing Machine

    Letterpress Printing Machine

    Offset Printing

    Offset printing is a flat printing method used for fast, high volume and quality printing in modern printing techniques.

    Offset Printing Machine

                        Block Exposure Machine                                                                                                    Block Washing Machine

    Digital Printing

    Digital printing is a printing method that allows printing computer-generated designs on various materials and in a faster manner compared to traditional printing methods.

    Coloured Digital Printing Machine


    Black-and-White Digital Printing Machine

    Binding Division

    This division binds the printed books, journals, and brochures and makes them in their final forms.

    Forme Breaking and Folding Machine

    Cover Binding Machine

    Wire Stitching Machine

    Paper Cutting Machine

    Gold Printing Machine