Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye


    • Journals and periodical in the Periodicals Section are obtained via purchasing, distribution or donation methods.
    • The latest issues of the journals are in the display windows alphabetically.
    • The users cannot borrow the latest issues of the journals but they may take photocopies of the issues/pages they need.
    • The users may borrow issues other than the latest one for three days and they may borrow up to three journals at a time.
    • The “Contents” sections of the periodicals are processed into the automation program. The users may use this section for the research on their subjects.
    • Journals in the Periodicals section are stored in the storerooms in alphabetical and historical order.


    Audio-Visual Division

       This section offers video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, BlueRay DVDs containing audio-visual materials. The users may use these materials in the Audio-Visual Division or borrow them.