Library Rules  

    • Speaking loud in the library halls and corridors is not allowed..
    • In the sections of open shelf systems, the readers should leave the books taken from the shelf on the tables in the same sections in order for the staff to put them back on the shelf.
    • The readers are obliged to return the borrowed documents on time and in a good condition. The readers are responsible for the loss or damage of the document even if they give it to another person.
    • Speaking on mobile phone in the library is not allowed.
    • The users are responsible for their personal belongings. The Department of Library and Documentation cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
    • Shooting pictures or film by unauthorized cameras, video cameras, mobile phones etc. is not allowed in the library.
    • Headphones should be worn when using audio-visual materials in the library.
    • The users should not bring food or drink to the library.
    • Working or studying areas should be left clean.
    • The users should not move the furniture in the library.
    • Legal action is taken against the users who harm any source belonging to the library in any way.