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    Selçuk Kubilay KARSLI

        Born in 1963 in Erzincan, Staff Colonel Selçuk Kubilay KARSLI graduated from Kuleli Military High School in 1981 and subsequently from Turkish Military Academy in 1985 with Lieutenant Rank. Following his training in Artillery and Missile School Command, he performed duty various artillery units and company/battery commander in Artillery and Missile School between 1986-1996.

        After his education in Army War College between 1996-1998, he performed staff officer duty in 4th Commando Brigade Command, SFOR Headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, NATO SHAPE Belgium/Mons and Turkish Land Forces Command respectively.

       Consequently he performed duty as Battalion Commander of 19th Infantry Brigade Command, Section Chief of NATO and National Strategy in Turkish General Staff, Deputy Brigade Commander in 28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Peace Force Command, Deputy Chief of Plans of International Staff in Afghanistan, Branch Chief of International Agreements in Turkish General Staff, Chief of Strategy Branch in Turkish Land Forces Command, Chief of Staff in 9th Corps Command, Chief of Regional Department of ASAL (Recruitment ) in İstanbul and Evaluation and Inspection Division of the 1st Army and during this duty, he established Somali Turkish Task Force Command in Ankara by the command of Turkish Land Forces Command and executed the deployment of the Command to the region.

        He was assigned to 8th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command via the Appointments in September, 2017. Finally, he has been assigned to General Secretariat of Turkish National Defense University via September 2018 Appointments.

        Staff Colonel Selçuk Kubilay KARSLI is married with a child. He speaks English.

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