Our Commanders




    Selçuk AKARI

    Rear Admiral


        He was born in Tekirdağ/Mürefte in 1971. He graduated from the Naval High School in 1989 and from the Turkish Naval Academy in 1993. Between 1993-1996, he worked as branch officer onboard destroyers of TCG SOKULLU MEHMET PAŞA, TCG YÜCETEPE, TCG GAYRET respectively and he was assigned in USA/Norfolk with the aim of transferring TCG GAZIANTEP, which is the first frigate of its class, from USA to Turkish Naval Forces in 1996.


        He served in Gölcük Naval Home Base Command Operations and Combat Branch as branch officer, and as Combat Operation Center Officer in TCG YÜCETEPE until the transfer of TCG GAZIANTEP destroyer to Türkiye in 1996-1997.  

        He was assigned to TCG GAZIANTEP's second activation operations and served as a Branch Officer during its transfer to Türkiye in 1998.
        After serving as Operations Officer of the 4th Destroyer Flotilla Commodore, he was assigned as Combat Operations Center Officer on the TCG GAZIANTEP frigate between 1998-2000.
        Between 2001-2003, he completed his study at the Turkish Naval Academy and served as division chief onboard TCG GEMLİK as a Staff Captain.
        Between 2005-2008, he worked as a Maritime Issues Project Officer in the General Staff Department of Planning and Policies and the Department of Greece-Cyprus, and he graduated from the Armed Forces Academy with the rank of Staff Major in 2006 during his duty.
        Between 2008-2010, he completed his duty as Executive Officer and Commanding officer, and then he was appointed to Southern Group of Forces, the Department of Operation and Combat in 2010.
        Between 2010-2012, he served as the Commanding Officer of TCG GÖKÇEADA.
        Between 2012-2013, after completing his work in the Department of Logistics Planning in Fleet Command, he was assigned as an instructor in the Department of Operations and Intelligence Division of Naval War Academy.
        Between 2014-2016, he served as Chief of Staff at Naval Academy.
        He worked as Commodore of Patrol Ship and Landing Crafts in 2016, between 2016-2019, served as Commodore of Corvette Flotilla in Leventler/Foça.
        Between 2019-2022, He worked as an instructor at National Defence University, Naval War Collage the Head Department of Operation and Intelligence. He was also the deputy of the head at that department.
        He was promoted to the rank of rear admiral on 30th August, 2022.
        He has been the Head of Naval War Collage at National Defence University since 19th August 2022. Apart from this duty, he has been appointed as the Head of National Defence University Joint War Collage.
        Rear Admiral AKARI is married to Mrs Deniz CANTİMUR AKARI with a son. He speaks English.