Our Commanders




     Brigadier General Ender KARTAL, who was born in Samsun, finished his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, and graduated from the Turkish Air Force Academy in 1992.


     After graduation, he completed Flight Training at the 2nd Main Jet Base (1992) and Basic Training of Anti-Aircraft Officers at the Air Defense School (1993-1994). Then, he served as the Platoon and Company Commander both at the Anti-Aircraft Battalion Command of Air Technical School (1994- 2001) and at the 7th Main Jet Base (2001-2003). He attended the Air War College in 2003 and graduated in 2005 as a staff officer with the rank of Captain.

     Afterwards, he served as the Planning Officer at the Center of Strategic Studies of the General Staff (2005-2006) and as the Commander of the Anti-Aircraft Battalion at the 4th Main Jet Base Command (2006-2009). While he served as the Project Officer at the Air Force Headquarter’s General Plans and Policies Division (2009-2013), he attended the Joint War College in Istanbul (2009-2010) and the Pakistan Air War College in Karachi(2010-2011). He also served as a Defense Attache in Beijing/People’s Republic of China (2013-2016) and as a Commander at Air NCO Higher Vocational School of the National Defense University (2016-2019).
     In 2019, he was promoted to Brigadier General. Following his promotion, he served as the Commander of Air Technical Schools in İzmir (2019-2021). After undertaking the position of the Director of the Air War College of National Defense University (2021-2023), he was appointed as the Director of the Joint War College on August 11, 2023.

     Brigadier General Ender KARTAL is married to Mrs. Ayşegül KARTAL, and he can speak English.