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    Turkish Air War College

    Turkish Air War College was established on 1 November 1937 as the air war college di­rector in “Yıldız Palace” in order to train staff officers for duty of the command of the Turkish Air Force. Due to the Second World War, between 1941 and 1946 Air War College moved to Ankara and continued its activities. After the Second World War Air War College moved to Is­tanbul again until 1975 training activities continued in the “Yıldız Palace”. In March 1949, Air War College was named Commander of the Air War College and moved to Yenilevent facili­ties in 1975.

    The objectives of Air War College are thoroughly to have the ability to find appropriate course of action, to reach proper decision making approach and implement the decisions effectively, to have the capacity of a command and staff officer who displays sound judgement and planning skills, are respectful to the rules of law, absorb the democratic values, act under the guidance of wisdom and science, and have vision, providing the officers with master of sci­ence degree and the ability to discover suitable course of action especially in military areas, ef­fectively conducting commanding and HQ tasks.

    The vision of the Air War College is to train and educate in order to become an aviation and aerospace power competing with the age, which keeps basic values of the Turkish Air For­ce alive, trams highly-educated aviator manpower, adopts a contemporary management appro­ach, possesses high technology and utilizes it efficiently, is capable of conducting uninterrupted separate/ joint/ combined operations anywhere required by national interests and strengthens its superiority through national defense industry. Furthermore, Air War College aims to be a model education center using contemporary techniques and methods of education.

    The Turkish Air War College is the highest level education center in the Turkish Air For­ce. The alma mater of all Air Force generals and commanders, the college holds the fundamen­tal education philosophy of providing student officers with advanced level of thinking, prob­lem solving, and the ability to present new ideas. The education is mainly based on leadership and management, technological developments and their exploitation for military purposes, command & control and operations.

    Air War College student officers are also encouraged to participate in international confe­rences and symposiums in order to make presentations and present articles in the areas varying from cyber wars to aviation/aerospace sciences, from unmanned aerial vehicles to contemporary leadership and management methods. In the recent years Air War College student officers conducted about 70 presentations in international symposiums and conferences inside 11 dif­ferent countries of America, Europe and Asia.

    In addition, to further amplify the capabilities of future generals and commanders, Air War College Command has held numerous conferences, symposiums and panels causing the Col­lege to become an international center of attraction, along with its high quality of education. Empowered with synthesis of scientific notion and military tradition, the Air War College pre­pares the Air Force for tomorrow’s world.