Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Duties of the Department



    1. To carry out planning and coordination activities for the international visits paid by NDU Delegations to international institutions and by international delegations to the NDU.
    2. To carry out the planning, kontrol and coordination activities of NDU within the scope of international education and cooperation,
    3. To coordinate with Military and Defense Attachés of foreign countries and foreign representatives of the Republic of Turkey within the authorized limits and conditions.
    4. To determine educational conditions for International Officers and Students.
    5. To carry out cooperation activities in the field of education within the framework of bilateral relations and to carry out duties related to delegations coming from abroad and going abroad.
    6. To determine the capacity of for International Officers and Students within the scope of training given to foreign personnel in accordance with the bilateral and multilateral military agreements and to evaluate the additional quota requests,
    7. To determine the activities of joint educational and research cooperation activities with Defense Universities and / or Defense Colleges and Defense Research Centers of foreign countries and to carry out duties relating to protocols and agreements.
    8. To take relevant measures pertaining to the planning, implementation and support of social, cultural and educational activities that will enable International Officers / Students to receive education on better terms within the context of bilateral relations with friendly and allied nations,
    9. To follow the National and International accreditation and quality assessment activities of the programs implemented in NDU so as to follow up and coordinate the international training programs.