Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye



    1.To ensure all museological activities are carried out in accordance with regulations, directives and mandates created pursuant to the Code of Protection of Cultural and Natural Properties, numbered 2863,

    2.To provide research as to enhance and develop the museum,

    3.To take the necessary initiatives regarding the procurement and purchase of items which can be exhibited in the museum (from donations, collectors and auctions),

    4.To assess the historical artistic and cultural values of items to be exhibited, and register them in coordination with First Class Military Museums,

    5.To register and take stock of the items obtained through various means (donations, purchase),

    6.To deregister old, worn items which are not exhibitable,

    7.To ensure that the items in the museum are exhibited in the most appropriate way; checking the grading, sorting and tidiness of the items,

    8.To obtain information regarding advancements in museology and their implementability in the museum by attending conventions, seminars and conferences domestic and foreign, and make offers to the senior management,

    9.To enable studies which can enlighten University of National Defense’s history and request assistance from relevant museologists and experts from other universities,

    10.To put the museum into service of the University personnel and other guests,

    11.To ensure readiness of the museum for native and foreign committee visits, and contribute to the publicity of the University of National Defense,

    12.To perform activities promoting the museum to civilian and military institutions, creating movies, CDs, brochures and catalogues.


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