Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Our Task

    Duties of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports:

    1.With the aim of protecting and improving body health of the University of National Defense students and employees, improving the habit of disciplined endeavor, promoting sports and cultural activities and incentivizing effort into such activities, offering participation in sports and cultural activities they are interested in for better use of spare time, planning the medical operation of the University’s central organization, offer services described below;

    2.To offer first-degree medical examination to patients (military / civilian) associated with the University and military units, headquarters and institutions connected to it; commissioned and noncomissioned officers, civilian employees, specialized sergeants, their retirees and families, and direct them to more advanced medical establishments as seen necessary,

    3.To organize group activities and competitions, and form sports teams;

    4.To promote these efforts cooperating with other domestic/foreign institutions with the same aim, and ensure attendance of students representing the University to the competition,

    5.To ensure that all sports equipment, facilities and materials of the University are provided from one center, and in the same manner, ensure planned operation and management of the assigned employees,

    6.To encourage students, personnel and their families to participate in the cultural activities, organize their participation, plan and carry out cultural activities within the body of the rectorate,

    7.To look into applications regarding forming and operating new student groups that support their social, cultural and intellectual development,

    8.To ensure controll and coordination in health and counselling activities.