Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye


    It was founded named “National Defence College” under Command of Turkish War Colleges on ‘’01 September 1952’’ and started education at Yıldız Palace on 02 December 1952. It’s name was changed to “National Security College” on 07 August 1964.

    Turkish War Colleges have started moving to a new place at Yenilevent since 24 August 1975. “National Security College and Armed Forces Academy” continued to education at Yıldız Palace.

    National Security College (NSC) moved from Yıldız Palace to a new place at Yenilevent on 17 January 1977 and started to education on November 1977.

    By command of Turkish General Staff dated 20 August 1980, Armed Forces Academy and National Security Colleges were associated under command of Turkish War Colleges by the name of “National Security and Armed Forces College”.

    National Security College seperated from Armed Forces College in 1995, moved to Ankara on 27 February 1995, started to education at building  where General Secretariat of The National Security Council Deployed.

    On 30 June 2012, Command of National Security College was abolished by amendment at Law of Turkish War College numbered 3563 which published in official gazette numbered 28339.

    National Defence University was founded with Legistlative Decree numbered 699, dated 25 July 2016, some precaution must be taken and amend law within scope of Emergency state. The Law of War Colleges abolished with the same Statutory Decree.

    National Defence University Organisation founded by Council of Ministers decision, dated 14 November 2016, The Name of National Security College Command which was closed down, founded again  under the name of  “National Defence and Security Institute”.

    National Defence and Security College which is under the command of National Defence University has been continuing its services at building, where ‘’The National Security Council Office of Secretary General’’ resided, at Ankara.