Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Mission, Vision and Objectives

    Our Mission: is to constitute a body of Student Affairs that can reinforce the mission of the university while providing swift and up-to-date information to our sub-commands and higher command through a coordinated effort among academic and administrative units by utilizing contemporary information technology assets in order to promote efficiency, sustainability and productivity.

    Our Vision: is to conduct the education efforts aiming to train the officer and NCOs that will shape the future of the Turkish Armed Forces in line with the highest standards within the framework of the vision of the National Defense University.

    Our Objectives

    Establishing the student automation system for the National Defense University,

    Improving the Education, Training and Research infrastrucrue,

    Establishing mechanisms that promote success and performance,

    Creating a scientific, technological and self-improving team work environment.