Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Missions of the Department

    Answerable to the General Secretary Assistant, the missions of the department are

    - to perform both at national and at international levels in accordance with the vision and the mission of the National Defense University,

    - to set up the publishing, public information and publicity policies in line with the aims and objectives of the Rectorate of the National Defense University (NDU) and its subjects, and to develop projects in order to present the corporate identity of the university,

    - to use the right media tools and methods for the printed and visual presentation of the Rectorate of the NDU, to attend to the fairs and activities, and to cooperate with other institutions,

    - to monitor the news on the Rectorate of the NDU in the press and broadcast media,

    - to determine the principles for the official website of the Rectorate of the NDU, to operate and to keep the website up to date in accordance with these principles,

    - to plan for the ceremonies for special occasions, memorial days, official and religious holidays, opening and graduation ceremonies which are to be celebrated by the Rectorate of the NDU, to coordinate all the activities as the executive authority, and to make sure that all the activities to be performed without any flaws,

    - to facilitate coordination between the Rectorate of the NDU and the media institutions, to organize the press conferences, and to support various departments within the university on these subjects,

    - to carry out all the protocol activities at domestic or international levels,

    - to carry out the activities of meeting, welcoming, hosting and sending-off of high ranking bureaucrats, ministerial guests, and national or international delegations in Istanbul Garrison in accordance with the directives and instructions from the Ministry of National Defense,

    - to present official or civilian guests visiting the Rectorate of the NDU materials such as commemorative objects, plates, gifts, etc. and also printed publications and books promoting the university.