Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Strategy Development Department

    Adem KOKAÇYA
    Department Head


    1.To determine mid-term and long term strategy and policies of Turkish National Defense University (NDU),

    2.To coordinate the preparation and execution process of strategic plan and program of NDU,

    3.To monitor and evaluate the relevance of the plans in accordance with strategic plan, performance program and budget limits,

    4.To develop performance and quality criteria of the plans which are in the area of responsibility,

    5.For the activities with in the area of responsibility of the Department, to analyze factors affecting the plans, to make capacity enlargement analysis and to take actions to increase the effectiveness level for the activities,

    6.To prepare the MSU’s draft budget plan for next and the following year and to monitor the execution of the budget in the aspect of relevance,

    7.To prepare detailed budget execution program in accordance with budget principles and basic rules,

    8.To develop solution to the emerging problems regarding the budget execution during fiscal year and to prepare the administration’s “Annual Execution Report”,

    9.To act as a consultant and to inform the senior manager about the budget and financial execution,

    10.To prepare the salary and other compensations of the personnel and to make the other official payments,

    11.To prepare the procurement and carrier development plan for the academic personnel in accordance with NDU Strategic Plan,

    12.To enable to develop defense plans and projects that support the academic development and R&D plans.

    13.To make preliminary financial controll and to follow and charge financial loss.


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