Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Department of Support Services

    Missions of Department of Support Services are as follows:
    • plan, coordinate and carry out the activities of supplies, maintenance, and transportation for the Rectorate of the Turkish National Defense University, and coordinate the activities of its subordinates, 
    • plan, coordinate, execute and monitor the security and safety services for the University Campus. 
    • plan, coordinate and execute the operations and training issues in the campus and to control the activities performed by the subordinates of the University.
    • plan and carry out the maintenance and minor repair activities of the buildings and facilities,
    • respond fires or take preventive measures against fires within all compounds, utilities, equipment, and premises in the campus,
    • set up and operate electrical and illumination systems of the buildings and facilities,
    • provide, coordinate, and control all kinds of transportation services within the legislation provisions set,
    • provide the services for Day Care Nursery,
    • provide canteen services within the campus, 
    • provide and regulate services for the mess halls, guest houses, restaurants, cafeterias, and other available units within the campus.
    The Organization of the Department:
    • Logistics Support Branch
    • Security Branch 
    • OPS and Training Branch
    • Day Care Nursery Directorate 
    • Canteen Management Directorate 
    • Support Group Command 
    • Current Accounts and Resource Management Section