Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Department of Information Technology

           Mission of Department of Information Thecnology

    1. Its main responsibility is to maintain 7/24 internet/intranet access within the National Defense University,

    2. Plans National Defense University IT infrastructure upgrades,

    3. Coordinates IT interoperability with Minister of National Defense, other Turkish Govermental Organizations, The Council of Higher Education (YOK-Yüksek Öğretim Kurulu) and other universities,

    4. Operates NDU (subordinates: Institues/Academies/NCO Schools) IT infrastructure (LAN/WAN network and domain services) and software interoperability requirements,

    5. Sets NDU IT policies in comformity with military regulations and Turkish law,

    6. Take precautions dealing cyber security threats fo IT infrastucture, make risk analysis, in case of emergency interfere with cyber incident respnse teams,

    7. Gather all university/academic related software requirements, with contract or self-develop Universty Management Information System (UMIS) modules, make software tests and activates the software releases,

    8. Designs and develops NDU intranet and internet web sites/pages,

    9. Give IT maintenance support to NDU Rectorate campus users, hardware/software failures

           Department of IT Organization

    Administrative Branch

    Plan and Coordinate Branch

    IT Management Branch

    • Domain Services Section
    • Network Management Section
    • Cyber Security Section
    • User Support and Corrective Maintenance Section

    Software Branch

    • Software Development Section
    • Software System Management Section
    • Web Sites Section

    CIS Management Branch